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Woven wire mesh for EMI RFI shielding


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Woven wire mesh for EMI RFI shielding Introduction Whether in the electronics industry,architecture,aerospace,or automotive, electromagnetic shielding is an problem of increasing significance. The stainless steel wire mesh will provide high frequency shielding performance. Stainless steel mesh combines high light transmission with high EMI shielding. Lower mesh counts and thinner wire diameters allow for more light transmission. Higher mesh counts and thicker wire diameters give better EMI attenuation. Size & Configurations Mesh typically range from 16mesh to 200mesh Wire diameter from 0.05mm to 0.28mm Roll size include 1m*30m, 1.2m*30m, 1.5m*30m and 2.0m*30m Material Stainless steel Feature High resolution and very transparent, High tensile strength and extremely breathable Corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant Bendable and very good uniformity. Applications Faraday cages EMI & RFI shielding Shielded rooms Tempest shielding Shielding satellite antennas from terrestrial interference Display shielding