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Silver Acrylic Mirror Sheet Cut To Size


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Acrylic mirror sheets, also named as acrylic mirror, are a kind of plastic mirror or plastic mirror sheet. As we know, there are many kinds of mirror sheets, such as PMMA mirror acrylic, PS perspex mirror, PC mirrored plexiglass. All these are unbreakable mirror. Polymethyl methacrylate mirrored perspex also named as PMMA plexiglass mirror is a most popular used sheet mirror, which can replace the traditional Glass mirror, to be a brand new mirror plastic Acrylic mirror cut to size Mirrored acrylic sheet can be cut, drill, and polish easily, so they also called flexible mirror sheet or mirror plastic sheet, and plexiglass mirror sheets. Key features • Low Cost • Easy to clean and maintain • UV Stable ensuring the products will not discolour • Stronger than glass and less than half the weight • Protective film to avoid from scratches • Fantastic Themal Insulation • Stronger than glass Application • Gym Mirrors • Horse Stable Mirrors • Signage • Point Of Sale • Table Covers • Garden Mirrors • Decorative Applications Our service At Sheet Plastics we offer an outstanding cut to size service on all our products offering excellent tolerances, alongside our cut to size service we offer a full range of fabrication services. Some of these services include: • CNC Cutting • Laser Cutting • Gluing • Line Bending • Forming To enquire about of these services please email us [email protected] FAQ + Is Acrylic mirror like glass mirror? Acrylic mirror does not have the rigidity of glass making the acrylic mirror sheet more flexible. Because of this if applying to a wall you need to make sure the wall is completely flat and has no imperfections, if this is not possible we recommend mounting to thick mdf sheet. + How do you mount acrylic mirror to the wall? Again you need to make sure the surface is completely flat, + Can you use acrylic mirror in the bathroom? Yes you can use acrylic mirror in the bathroom as the sheets are water resistant. We do recommend sealing around the edges silicon.