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Micro Duct Liner


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Micro Duct Liner is a thermal insulation and sound absorption through the production process is environmentally friendly. Air conditioning systems for both roll and sheet. Non Water Absorption special meat insulating substance that reduces the water environment. Does not absorb water and moisture Finished with high quality material off the surface of the plant. Produced by the TIS. 486, 487 international standard ASTM NFPA 90A, Australian Standards, and according to the standards used in building green.
Micro Duct Liner insulation designed for interior ductwork, cooling / heating. For office buildings, factories and residential houses. To maintain the temperature of the cooling ducting / heat stable and consistent. With help absorb sound that comes through the pipe and the flow of air through the pipe. Save energy and control the problem of condensation. (Condensation) pipeline from the cold wind of office and residential buildings. The operating temperatures up to 120 o C, the wind speed 5,000 fpm (25.4 m / s).
Material covered
Micro Duct Liner material selection, surface quality. Adhesion to the meat factory insulated with machines. Not easy slippage Have good tensile strength Do not tear easily Water and moisture protection The material covered through the standard ASTM Standards options.