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Knitted wire mesh for protect plants in the garden


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Knitted wire mesh for protect plants in the garden Introduction Snails and slugs are both troublesome pests in many a garden. They feed on a great number of living and decaying plants. Juicy fruits, seedlings and herbaceous plants are their favorite food. Protect plants in your garden from attack by slugs and snails, which will not cross this copper knitted mesh. It consists of rolls of knitted copper wire mesh designed specifically for use in the garden to cover ground, plant pots and plant stems. As they attempt to cross the copper mesh their mucous trail causes a tiny electrical charge which repels them. Size & Configurations Wire diameter typically range from 0.10mm to 0.30mm Roll width from 100mm to 500mm Roll length from 10m to 100m Material Pure copper Brass Phosphor Bronze Feature Quite light Copper mesh repels with a natural charge Corrosion resistance Applications Protect plants in the garden