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Karl fischer transformer oil water content testing instrument,moisture analyzer meter


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Appplication: KA-S moisture analyzer meter is designed and made as per the National Standard of People's Republic of China GB/T6541-86 (1991) "Test Methods for Interfacial Tension of Oil against Water by the Ring Method". It is suitable for measuring the non-equilibrium conditions of mineral oil in water interfacial tension (Liquid-liquid interface). It can also be used to determine surface tension of various liquids (Liquid-gas interface). I. Main technical features 1. This instrument uses a large LCD display, full Chinese menu of unmarked buttons, high degree of automation, reliable, reproducible, easy to operate, you just turn on the instrument and operate it as per the menu prompts, and then you can complete whole test. 2. The instrument has functions of temperature compensation, clock control, power-off storage, printing, and average value calculation. It can communicate with a computer through RS232 port, or send test data to a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) for data analysis. It is the best choice for interfacial tension of oils against water determination. II. Main technical specifications 1. Display method: The large LCD display with backlight, Chinese menu, Chinese menu in all tests and calculations compiled in content GB / T 6541 standard. 2. Button: Under Chinese menu prompts unmarked buttons. 3. Measuring range: power with an insulating oil (2-100) mN / m; other petroleum products (2 ~ 200) mN / m. 4. Sensitivity: 0.1 mN / m. 5. Accuracy: 0.1 mN / m. 6. Resolution: 0.1 mN / m. 7. Repeatability: 0.3%. 8. Applicable temperature: (10 ~ 30) ºC (TYP: 25 ºC). 9. Applicable humidity: (20 ~ 75) % RH. 10. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz; 11. Power: less than 100W. 12. Dimensions: 185 × 260 × 360 (length × width × height). 13. Net weights: 15 kg. Please contact:Jay Email:[email protected] [email protected] T/F:+86-23-88703683 Mob/whatsapp:+86-15223801122