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JBP Supreme Quality Inn (JBP Supreme Quality)


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Supreme is the BEST !! - best to "Supreme"
color JBP Supreme Quality (solvents bass),
another proud of Jay. BP oil paint, acrylic, high-quality JBP Supreme Quartet Little City was developed specifically for building
the desired color is highly durable. With technology Self-Cleaning You do not have to worry about cleaning
anymore. With primer mortar new form of nanotechnology that makes you not waste anymore time. A plaster cast of only five days , it can be painted over immediately.
The self-cleaning system by leaching of rain (Self Cleaning).
Film breathe and emit moisture, reduce swelling peeling paint flake or fade.
Small molecular nanotechnology Infiltration penetrate better than conventional paint. The adhesion is excellent.
PH, moisture and salt than typical primer 100%.
It is made of acrylic. NaNoThermoplastic Resin high quality from France.
To extend the lifetime of the topcoat (primer).
Resistant to extreme weather conditions No black stains
Do not mix mercury and lead.
Prevent mold And moss is excellent
Easy to use, the color does not bounce off the track conversion.