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JBP futures Farrow (JBP FUTURE SHIELD)


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Color of the future. All the superior protection,
watercolor, acrylic, made 100% of semi-gloss and gloss look. Grade Ultra Premium. With cutting-edge technology The efficient, long-lasting 16 years with Titanium Ultra Protection offers high-quality raw materials from the United States.Corrosion protection from pollution. Against the adhesion of dust. Save energy with UV Ultra Protection reduce the temperature inside the house cool. With high humidity Wet Surface Coating Resistance Technology evaporate water into steam in the mortar out, leaving no stain and paint color can make it anywhere. Available for both indoor and outdoor durability are required. The surface gypsum plaster, concrete, bricks and asbestos sheets.

Prevention of peeling off
Durable paint film adhesion
The self-cleaning
The coating is smooth and dust.
Film not breathe vapors with water color film in the mortar out.
Prevent stains from salt stains on the film.
To prevent the penetration of water from outside.
Well, stains, moisture leakage from within.
Anti-fungal and algae
Eฃe the easy cleaning Resistant to abrasion
Light, UVA and UVB protection
Reflects heat to cool home
Free of volatile toxic
Mercury and lead
Formula environmental toxins