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Green munk beans for sale


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Green munk beans for sale Specification Commodities: Green mung beans Moisture: 13% Average Foreign matters: 1% average Broken and immature: 2% average. They are high in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Protein, Magnesium and other essential nutrients which important for human body. Consume enough amount of green mung beans can substitute your body need of nutrient from animal meat, and their character of low cholesterol will help to reduce weight for people are on diet, these are main reason that green mung beans are popular among Vegetarian. They are also containing high mineral such as calcium and potassium, which can enchant strength of bone. Their high in fiber will help digestion system and reduce constipation. They are low in cholesterol and can help maintain blood pressure in good level, and reduce glucose level. They also have same main character as other kind of beans that good for hearth system and anti oxidant. Nutritional Fact : Calories 330 mg Potassium 366 mg Calcium 27 mg Magnesium 48 mg Iron 2.2 mg Sodium 2 mg Copper 0.156 mg Our Green mung beans are from Thailand / USA origin. We have 2 qualities type as one for food grade and another for sprouting grade. Machine cleaned quality with specification as : For fast and easy response to your requets, and more info, Please contact us with Your order now. Your email address Your phone number Your location