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Galvanized sheet


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Galvanized sheet is cold-rolled steel as the substrate, through continuous hot-dip galvanizing process and the products produced, is an excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance of coated steel, cold-rolled plate after plating   After zinc, extended Life 15 - 20 years.   Features:   Corrosion resistance, good surface quality, is conducive to deep processing, economical and practical.   Products and classification:   There is not a substrate can be divided into hot-rolled coil and cold rolled galvanized sheet galvanized sheet volumes, divided into shape by supplier: cross-cut by a small rectangular plate supplied hot galvanized plate, take-up in order to supply package heat   Galvanized sheet.   The main purpose:   Mainly used in construction, automotive, container, transport and household appliances, and other fields.Especially the steel construction, automobile manufacturing, steel silo manufacturing and other industries.