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DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine


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DVTP Series Double-stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine can quickly eliminate water, know water, fuel, particles along with acetylene, hydrogen, methane along with other harmful components from essential oil effectively to enhance oil's dielectric strength, efficiently making sure electrical equipments operating safely and usually. Series DVTP Transformer Oil Purifier Machine is particularly ideal for treating high-grade transformer necessary oil, super-voltage transformer oil as well as new transformer oil. It may be used for purification of more than 110V substation reside line function onsite. At the same time, series DVTP Transformer Oil Purifier Machine can be used because independent vacuum cleaner source along with functions associated with vacuum drying out and machine oiling. Advantages: Based on the transformer acrylic change it is extremely economic Utilized transformer crude oil can be raised to the equal point of recent oil Transformer within the dampness, sludge, stomach acids and dangerous gases in order to destroy and also the insulation beliefs will be greater than old. Transformer oil much more extended. Due to the event waste oil based and removal costs might have been absolutely no. Waste petroleum has been obstructed and avoided its unfavorable given for your environment. Evaluating with the single-stage type, this particular series retreats into the double-stages vacuum program, which greatly raises the actual machine's functioning vacuum level, so it may dewater, degas and get rid of particulate harmful particles much more effectively. The actual recycling procedure of Transformer Oil Purifier Machine enhances essential oil quality thoroughly and the dielectric value of remade oil is actually above 60KV. Company: Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd Website: Email: [email protected] [email protected]