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Crimped wire mesh for test sieve


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Crimped wire mesh for test sieve Introduction Crimped wire mesh is woven using wire crimped prior to weaving. The crimps are made at the points the weft and warp wires intersect which secures the wire, thereby stabilizing the wire cloth and preventing the wire from moving. Additional rigidity and strength can be obtained by adding crimps between the intersections. Crimped wire provides a more secure fit to the mesh, limiting movement of the space cloth. This results in more accurate and consistent opening sizes within the mesh. Size & Configurations Wire diameter typically range from 0.55mm to 5.0mm Hole size up to 100mm Weave type include plain crimped, single & double intermediate, lock crimped, flat top and slot hole crimped Material Stainless steel Copper Aluminum Feature Stable mesh size, mesh arranged in order Smooth surface, uniform mesh size, small error Not easy to deformed and durable and long lasting Fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, smooth edges No rust, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to use Applications Test Sieve BBQ mesh