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Color coated steel plates 641


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Color coated steel is nearly three decades of international rapid development of a new strip pre-coated products. Chemical pretreatment on the high-speed continuous unit, early painted fine coated refining process. Coating quality than molding metal surface of a single piece spray or brush quality is more uniform, more stable, more ideal. Classify: Color coated steel has excellent ornamental, formability, corrosion resistance, adhesion of the coating can be long-term to maintain color novel. As can achieve color coated steel strip wood, efficient construction, energy conservation, prevent pollution and other economic benefits, an ideal material for today's manufacturing building panels. Buildings: exterior materials (roofing material, wall material) industrial, commercial, residential and public facilities with Buildings: interior materials, interior wall material, ceiling material, partitions, fire doors Architectural accessories: roller shutter doors, shutters, billboards Appliances: Fuel / Gas boiler, rice bucket, portable gas stove