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CE approved continuous dehydrated onion dryer used for drying fruit ,vegetable and herbs dryer


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Dehydrated onion dryer The Description dehydrated onion dryer: Guoxin brand dehydrated onion dryer is a long continuous stable dryer equipment, it is widely used for light industry, chemical industry, medicine, grain, salt, plastics and other industry. Because of good quality, reasonable price and perfect sevrice, our dehydrated onion dryer had already gotten a warm welcome all over the world. 47 The Working Principles of dehydrated onion dryer: 1.The raw material was transported into the feeder and put on the mesh-belt uniformly. Then the transmission device will carry the mesh-belt to keep moving forward. 2.In the mesh-belt, there are some heater strips. When the dehydrated onion dryer the power, the heater strips will produce great heat to dry the raw material. 3.The dehydrated onion dryer is composed of several unit. Each unit is interlinked, so that the hot air can be successively used. And it can improve the drying effect. 4.The hot air alway around the surface of the raw material and turn water into water vapor, then the raw material complete the drying process. 5.At the top of the dehydrated onion dryer, there some small blowers. The small blowers will take the water vapor out and left the dried raw material. cabbage dryer 04_cabbage dryer02_ Warm Prompt: dehydrated onion dryer can be customed accroding to your detailed requirements! Dryer for JUJUBE The Technical Parameter of dehydrated onion dryer: techinal parameter.jpg The Advantages of dehydrated onion dryer: 1.The insulation boards of dehydrated onion dryer are knocked-down, so it is very convenient to recycle the food which has fallen down on the dehydrated onion dryer's layer. 2.Our dehydrated onion dryer is full automatic, the water content and temperature are controlled by electrical cabinets. According to you actual demand, you can adjust a best drying condition. 3.dehydrated onion dryer with a low labor invest. One person can complete all process. 4.All processes are under a closed environment, it can reduce the heat loss, so dehydrated onion dryer has a low power consumption. 5.As a dehydrated onion dryer manufacturer, before we made out our products, we had done thousands of tests, so our dehydrated onion dryer has less mechanical failure. 6.The speed of the mesh-belt is constant, so the final material is highly uniform. 7.Our dehydrated onion dryer has a scientific compact design, it can save your working site. Vegetable dryer 01.jpgHemp mesh belt dryer 01.jpg In order to save your precious time and give your dehydrated onion dryer, please kindly tell us these questions in your inquiry, many thanks for your kindly cooperation. 1.What raw material do you want to dry? If it is possible, please send us some pictures. 2.How much is input mositure and output mositure? 3.How many capacity do your want? If your have any doubts about our dehydrated onion dryer, please feel free to tell me, we will give your a early reply. FAQ: 1.We are Gongyi Guoxin Machinery Factory,will give you supply the best price and high quality of Machine for you. 2.we have lots of working site in domestic and overseas .if you need ,we will show you . 3.when you visit our factory ,i will pick up you and book the hotel for you . 4.Our airport is Xinzheng International Airport. 5.when you visit our factory ,you can test machine in our factory . If you have any need about dehydrated onion dryer , Please Feel Free to contact us , Contact : Lisa Chen Mobile/WhatsApp/Wechat:+86-13523095549