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Beyond Food Junction Detoxifying Unit


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BEYOND FOOD JUNCTION DETOXIFYING UNIT is an advanced system which effectively detoxifies your daily raw foods and kitchen utensils by treating them with a controlled amount of ozone molecules. It has versatile usage which includes cleaning, neutralising, purifying and detoxifying through ozone reaction so that you and your family can consume cleaner and healthier foods.

Using the BEYOND FOOD JUNCTION DETOXIFYING UNIT that comes with unique features, you can be sure that pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, antibiotic etc in foods are eliminated. In fact, the presence of pathogens on kitchen utensils, spoons, and forks can also be suppressed prior using. Aren’t you relieved and more confident now as you are serving not only delicious but clean and healthy foods to your family! The BEYOND FOOD JUNCTION DETOXIFYING UNIT comes with 1 year product warranty.