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Battery Current Collector Wire Mesh


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We provide expertise in manufacturing wire mesh materials in selecting the appropriate products for your battery requirements. As our wire mesh can be woven with different configurations and properties, we can tailor the product for your use. A multitude of meshes, weaves and wire diameters are available. Material: stainless steel mesh, copper mesh, nickel mesh etc Specification weave: plain weave mesh from 20mesh to 100mesh roll width: 20mm to 1000mm roll length: 30m to 300m Edge For the mesh edge, it can be provided as discs or cut into mesh tapes. In addition, we designed special machines to produce the finish edge mesh. The finish edge will increase the mesh stability and provide a safety edge for handling. And It will also protect the battery separator. Application Using stainless steel wire mesh as a current collector offers battery companies properties in battery that are not found in other products. As the mesh is made from two separate wires, it can withstand more flexure. It is ideal for electrode substrates, current collectors etc. For more details,please check grace(at)orangewiremesh(dot)com