Special Handmade of Trocus seashell Dessert Plate

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The pattern features a star designed center with trocus sea shell on the top of the plate with a smooth. It is made of Myanmar with trocus shell and wooden art. It is natural color and both of two sides are designed by trocus that is glued with sea shell of snails. It can be used in hotel, restaurant, home, for dinner, promotion, decoration, gift and advertising, etc. It is a high quality and round shape. It is also a kind of unique dessert plate. We have various designs for selection. It is safe for food and protect for health. It is a feature of trocus tablewar and it is non toxic, durable. It has many advantages that is most of Myanmar people, there are useful in the hotel/party/at home, it is your good choice. As it is Myanmar handcraft and Myanmar art, some of foreigners and visitors are like and buy it to give as souvenir. Any questions, welcome to contact me by chat box if you are interested.

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