Lacquer Tray inlaid Oyster Shell & Paua Shell

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We made this tray with lacquer and inlaid with Oyster (Mother of Pearl) Shell and Paua Shell. We have to wait many days to get a qualify lacquer tray because lacquer production process has many steps. After that we cut Oyster (Mother of Pearl) Shell and Paua Shell as like small rectangular size. And then we inlaid pieces of them on lacquer tray. Nowadays people use and decorate their kitchen with nature products. You can use as house ware supply, kitchen accessory and decoration product in Hotels, Offices. If you want to know more details, you can ask by chat box directly. We are warmly welcome to answer for customer inquiry.

Brand Name,Model Number,Common Use,Material,Size,Original Place,Technique,Style ,Type,Color,Shape,Lead Time,Gandamar,GDM PS 018,House Ware Supply  Kitchen Accessory  Home Decor  Hotel Decor  Office Decor,Lacquer & Paua Shell  Oyster,6" x 6",Yangon in Myanmar,Handmade,Unique style,Tray,White  Green & Black,Square Shape,2 Months/ 12 Pcs