The Banyan Leaf bulb for Wall Lighting

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People used this product not only as a souvenir but also as a Home Decoration Accessory. It is made by Brass Only and also handmade product. It has light so you can hang on the wall. You can put the beauty banyan leaf bulb on the living room wall or hotel wall. It is very nice to give as a gift and souvenir. In Asian Countries, People are believed that banyan leaf is represent for religion, lucky and can through pass the troubles. Every leave are represent for faith, hope, love and luck. We can made and create customize leave as customer requirement. If you want to know more details, you may ask by chat box.

Brand Name,Model Number,Common Use,Material,Size (Length & Wide),Original Place,Technique,Style,Type,Color,Thiri Myanmar,TM 014,Souvenir  Home Decoration  Gift ,Brass,7"x 4",Yangon in Myanmar,Handmade only,Wall bulb Style,Brass Ware,Antique Color