Black-Eyed Beans in Hinthada

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This product name is Black-Eyed Beans and come from Hinthada in Myanmar. Mostly people used black eye beans as traditional main curry, Stable food snack, sweet dessert with sticky rice and other food products. In southern United States, eating on New Year's Day as a Lucky New Year's food. They are available dried, frozen and canned and offer several health benefits when included in a well-balanced diet. One of the main health benefits of black-eyed bean is high fiber content. Fiber is nutrient that helps regulate your digestive system. Fiber also helps keep your cholesterol levels healthy by preventing cholesterol from being absorbed into your bloodstream, which reduces your risk of developing heart disease. Black-eyed beans are a low-fat and low-calorie food, making them a healthy addition to weight-loss meal plan. If you want to know more details, you may ask by chat box.

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