Black Matpe Bean from Myanmar

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 Metric Ton(s)

The name of this bean is Black Matpe and it is the best bean and excellent quality. We classify in our product many grades. Our supply Matpe is grade 2.25 (A) as export high quality the best.,Matpe(Beans) is help for people’s because it has food fibre, several vitamins, provide amino acids and really are hearty crops. Matpe(Bean) are most popular in our country and it is part of healthy diet throughout the world. We are ready to export customer’s request customize. If you want to order, you can ask by chat box.

Brand Name,Model Number,Weight,Type,Original Place,Style,Color,Available Duration,Grade,Dollar,DL-006,50 Kg,Beans,Hinthada in Myanmar,dried,black,Whole,2.25