Life of poor Vendor Women Painting

Supplier : Artist Win Min Mg

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It is about the Life of poor Vendor Painting by Artist Win Min Mg. Woman who is mother of baby carry tray on her head for selling food and the son is follow as a companion for her. Mother worry about her son when she go selling so she take her child together with her. In this painting, you can see that woman tightly hold the hand of son, another one is holding her platter and the love of mother who are always care their children behind of them. They sell their snack from top of village to end of village for the whole morning. You can see that poor family is honesty in this painting. Selling view of this painting, I draw the back of view with different themes. I describe lovely action of small village.

Brand Name,Model Number,Common Use,Size,Original Place,Technique,Style,Type,Frame,Medium,Support Base,Artist Win Min Mg,WMM-058W,Home Decoration,8" x 11",Yangon,  Myanmar,100 % Handmade,Realist,Hand painted,Yes,Water Painting,Paper