Two Ladies go to field painting by Win Min Mg

  • Common Use : Home Decoration/Gift
    Size : 8" x 11"
    Original Place : Yangon in Myanmar
Supplier : Artist Win Min Mg

Price: 100 ~ 100 $  Send Enquiry

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This painting is about Two Ladies go to field for work by Win Min Mg, Artist. In this painting, the two ladies are going to the field and to transplant paddy. They work either the weather is hot or rain and they didn’t avoid any weather and they transplant paddy into the field. The life of harvest worker are lower than the ordinary people but they are honestly cultivator. They walking without shoes on the hot ground going to the field so their life are very poor. The weather is very hot so they wear long shirt and longyi and one lady is wear a bamboo hat and then another one is cover a piece of cloth on the head. If you want to know more details, you may ask by chat box.

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