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Red kidney beans Specification Commodities: Red kidney beans Moisture: 15% Average Foreign matters: 1% average Broken and immature: 2% average They are contains full of soluble and insoluble fiber; as such potassium and magnesium to control your blood pressure, magnesium and folate will help to reduce your heart attack risk. Soluble fiber helps stabilize blood sugar level and provide slow-burning energy, good for people who have diabetes. This is far from all that red kidney beans can offer because they are also high in minerals and low in cholesterol, iron will help to give energy and can substitute iron from meat product; vitamin B1 will help your brain in memory function. Nutritional Fact : Calories 330 mg Potassium 366 mg Calcium 27 mg Magnesium 48 mg Iron 2.2 mg Sodium 2 mg Copper 0.156 mg available for sale now, contact for more info and prices For fast and easy response to your requets, and more info, Please contact us with Your order now. Your email address Your phone number Your location

Red kidney,Foreign matters: 1% average,Moisture: 15% Average,Magnesium 48 mg