Shan Traditional Lacquer Painting Style

Supplier : Artist Ko Soe

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This painting is Dancing Shan Traditional Lacquer Painting style. This painting is 4 sites seeing. It is using hotel, home decoration and living room. You can give as a gift or souvenir. This painting is imitating the Shan Lacquer painting. After it is sketched with scales, draw design with oil on canvas and using colorful. If you want to order or want to know more detail, you can leave message by chat box or feel free contact us.

Brand Name,Model Number,Common Use,Color,Size,Original Place,Technique,Style,Type,Frame,Medium,Support Base,Artist Ko Soe,KS-008,Home decoration, Living room, Hotel,Colorful,36”x 36”,Yangon in Myanmar,Handmade only,Simple,Painting,Yes,Acrylic,Canvas