Blue-Black Color of Short Sleeved Myanmar Dress

Supplier : 2 Angels Fashion

Price: 28 ~ 30 $  Send Enquiry


Blue-Black Color of Short Sleeved Myanmar Dress made by stretch type- spandex knitted fabric and produced in 2 Angels Fashion of Myanmar. This design is created with stretched fabric, to get more attraction, more Beautiful, comfort and gorgeous. Myanmar traditional dresses are more fashionable and more modernized. It style is Myanmar Fancy Dress and color is blue-black color. If you buy same design but different color of 10 set of this dress, you get 20% discount. Considering the great style and comfort of this dress, you might be surprised at the price. High quality, more size and a beautiful range at a great low price for choice, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Brand Name,Model Number,Common Use,Material,Size,M Size,L Size,XL Size,Original Place,Technique,Style,Type,Color,Lead Time,2 Angels Fashion,016D15-BB,Fashion/Women Wear/Gift,Stretch type- Spandex knitted Fabric,M, L ,XL,Chest- 84 cm, Shoulder- 36.5 cm ($28),Chest- 90 cm, Shoulder- 37.5 cm ($29),Chest- 96 cm, Shoulder- 38 cm ($30),Yangon in Myanmar,Machine,Fancy,Myanmar Traditional Dress,Black Color,Within 1Week