Enchanting jade pendant from Myanmar

  • Size : (High x Width) : 5cm x 2.5 cm
    Type : Sculpture , Carving
    Colour : White and Green

Price: 2000 $  Send Enquiry


Chinese people usually wear it with colour string or gold or platinum string. The name of this pendant is &quot;Ruyi&quot; which means as &quot;as you wish&quot; or &quot;in accordance with your desires&quot;. To be succeed person or to be happy person , should wear or keep this pendant jade. People believed that jade is a nature gift from Heaven and it carry all good things. This pendant is made with Myanmar carving art in detail. The quality of Myanmar Jade is the best one. If you want to know more detail about this pendant , you can directly ask buy chat box or sent quotation form to us. We will reply as soon as possible as we can. To see more jade pendants , here <br />

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