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Myanmar Jade is well known in global . From semiprecious Jade to premium quality jade of Nephrite and Jadeite are available in Myanmar Jade market.
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Dragon animated Design Locket made by Jade and Zircon made in Myanmar and the style is simple. The raw materials are jade, Zircon and spray by Pink gold. The raw materials come from Myanmar and only handmade. Design is Dragon animated. The size of this locket is 5cm x 4cm.That is wearing the ceremony, occasion, wedding and other party. You can give anniversary gift or beauty gift for others. You can find jade necklaces in popular necklace styles including long chains, chokers, pendants, and more. High quality, more size and best price for choice, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me.
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Myanmar 's largest Constructions & Decorations marketplace. You can directly deal with Myanmar Constructions & Decorations via BaganTrade platform.