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The name of this product name is Beach Umbrella of Bagan Design and the whole product is made by hand.The Pathein parasol for one is simply enchanting, with its beautiful design containing artistic paintings on them. Myanmar Traditional Umbrellas are specific and distinctive, because of interesting natural raw materials and workmanship. They make parasols following a Bagan period design, a Mandalay design and a modern design. They are priced at depending on quality, design and size. If you want to know more details, you can ask by chat box and mails.
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This product of type is Respiratory Protection of SR 90-3 M/L Half Mask(TPR). It code is MKH01-2612.
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A device used to increase the intake pressure of a cylinder in a piston aircraft engine.The air entering the engine cylinder is compressed by the supercharger to increase the air density and allow more air to fill the cylinder, thus increasing the engine power
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