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2017 Agri-Machinery and Food Expo Pathein
This is one of the successful Expo of our Through partnership with local government authorities, held “2017 agricultural machinery expo” for 3 days in Pathein on last Januray, City of Ayeyarwady Division (Delta Region).Thank you to all our sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees for helping and cooperation in this Expo.Details for next year’s Expo will be announced soon.
Do you plants Matpe for more
Myanmar's agriculture is an important crop Matpe. This crop is now famous as some plants  ephemeral crop. Nutrition for high-value crops to be focused for many years after eating cereal. Myanmar Matpe, 70 percent of Indian customers. Recent American and West European markets appeared. Smart, easy to grow. How to weather damage. But Mat pe Less quantity than normal. Matpe, Burma and India species. It prices growers focuses only on time and smart-related studies is still weak.Observe the progress of the modern history of Scientists for Social Welfare submitted their products to support the...
Dr.Aung Tun Thet Myanmar Business analysis
Ask to economic analysis. The main message is three parts. The first part is the role of business, Of course, because the government  economy. In the second semi-connected to the Myanmar government's role in business and private. Future, the private economy and private sector in Myanmar. Based on these three will focus. This section first introduced before 1948, Myanmar U Thein Sein's administration and economic change in the economic perspective and present a summary review.Professor Aung Tun Thet. . First, just the country's economic landscape, In other words, if you consider the econom...
Electronic money transfer services can be to ThaiLand from Myanmar
TrueMoney Myanmar AGD Bank jointly with the real-time transfers to Myanmar from Thailand to be the first to use electronic money transfer services by introducing TrueMoney Transfer report.The electronic money transfer service, introduced on October 13, event was held at Yangon's Kandawgyi Hotel.Asia Green Development Bank (AGD Bank) over the land, which is an official engagement, "Thailand has more than 2 million Burmese. Work requires being able to reliably transfer. This work focuses on the illegal remittance, there is a financial loss. TrueMoney Myanmar, Thailand and partners to meet, "he s...
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